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Click the YouTube image above for a video review of a Viking Bags Axe Medium Motorcycle Backpack. The Viking Bags company sent it to me for me to review and this is my initial take. This video is just short of eight minutes. I will be doing a followup after I road test the backpack on a long ride in the coming weeks and will post it here.

The video has all the details and a close look, but a few highlights. Nice for a handle to be included, generous room in a sleek package, nice padding on the shoulder straps. Especially nice is a helmet sling – see the video for details. More as it becomes available…

For more information on their wide array of products, you should visit their websites to learn more about them. Go to and

You can also go straight to the Axe Medium Motorcycle Backpack I reviewed in the video above to review the specs. You can find terrific options for other motorcycle backpacks. They also have a wide range of motorcycle saddlebags.

Stop by this blog to see a coming review of a special motorcycle jacket. You can find their general motorcycle jackets and their textile motorcycle jackets on their site as well.

Back again with another motorcycle product first look review. The Viking Cycles company has sent me their Ironborn Textile Jacket so that I can review it. Below you can link to watch my five minute video review on YouTube, but first a few notes. This jacket is high quality, seems very functional and and looks sharp. The orange color is vivid and will look nice as I ride on my Can-Am Spyder. One thing I failed to mention on the video is the high reflection tape and piping. The stripes on the jacket look black in normal light, but when hit with a headlight (or video light) they shine a bright silver which is a great safety feature.

Initial Review of the Viking Cycles Ironborn Textile Jacket


From time to time companies may supply me with items to review for my website.  While these items are provided free of charge there are no further financial incentives and I am under no obligation to provide a positive.  The reviews on this page are my honest opinion and will be tested thoroughly to provide a complete overview of the product.  Where appropriate you may be directed to my YouTube page for a video presentation.

This summer I plan to ride down the spine of the Appalachian Mountains, including the glorious Blue Ridge Parkway. I will be taking the jacket and the previously reviewed motorcycle backpack on that trip and report back on how well they work and how well they survive. Stand by for that road test report.

Meanwhile you can check out products for Viking Bags and Viking Cycle for yourself. You can view the specs for the jacket I review above or other textile jacket options and other jackets that they sell. You can find the details and specifications of the motorcycle backpack I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. You can also find some other terrific backpack choices and some saddlebags if that is what you need.

Review – Viking Bags

Axe Medium

Motorcycle Backpack