Walter Thinnes

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A terrific place to showcase work in New York City with a very talented membership

Proud to be a member - great resources

My current favorite ride, as you will see in my photo pages!


My get around town ride, lots of fun!


A revolution in actor training that will increase your range, strength, balance, flexibility and ultimately, knowledge of yourself

This was my first outlet to have my scripts read aloud.  Though they do not run live workshops any longer they are still a good source of actor talent and submission opportunities.

I enjoy cooking and have even taken classes at culinary institutes.  Recently I discovered "meal kits" where you are shipped just the right amount of ingredients and instructions to make a meal.  I currently use two companies, both of which I like.

BLUE APRON generally has the freshest ingredients but has a very limited ordering option and a restrictive cooking methods to meet their under 40 minute mandate, keeping them primarily to the saute pan. They always include a starch or two which can be overwhelming after a while.  They also have a maddening tendency to send too little protein in the kit, even when the recipe is good.  I use them less than...

HOME CHEF which has a much more flexible ordering system, broader meal options, exceptional "premium" meals, and more variable cooking techniques (but sometimes longer preparation times as a trade off).  I have found many good recipes I will make again and highly recommend them.

     You can get discounts from either at their websites or send me your email address and I can get you bigger discounts through a referral program.  

     There are many options on the market and most allow you the ability to skip weeks so that you can choose what you want.  Watch out, Amazon and Tyson are teaming up on a new version sometime soon.  I'll consider giving them a try when they launch.

Q: How old are you really?
A: Older than I ever intended to be.

Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: See movie of same name.

Q: What was the greatest ball club of all time?
A: The Big Red Machine.

Q: Where is the restroom?
A: Down the hall and to the right.

Q: Surely you can’t be serious.
A: I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.

Q: Do you make a living at playwriting?  You certainly won't make it as a comedian.

A: Thanks a lot, but as most playwrights will attest, no, I do not make a living from my writing.  I started out as an actor, magician, Equity Stage Manager, and theater technician (all of those at once to avoid waiting tables).  I discovered an affinity for managing and I have had a lifetime of day jobs managing at performing arts and fine arts institutions.

       These have included The Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Naples, Florida (now called Artis-Naples); The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust in Pennsylvania; Sotheby's in New York City; The New York State Theater (now the David H. Koch Theater) at Lincoln Center; Jazz at Lincoln Center; and Crozier Fine Arts in New York City.  All of the script writing you see in this website has occurred since 2006.

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