Walter Thinnes

Many people have told me* I should start a blog and so I did.

​*I use the phrase "many people have told me" like Donald Trump - as an excuse to say whatever I want, no matter how ridiculous or offensive and then blame it on the "many people who have told me."  Nope, not a single person told me to start a blog, I just decided to do it. Hopefully it will not contain items nearly as ridiculous or offensive as The Donald utters - but you never know.  Check back from time to time to see for yourself! (And for good measure, I have added my Twitter feed below.)

Sorry to disappoint you but this website is terribly out of date.  I have been too busy writing and editing new work to give it the attention it deserves.  (See home page for recent developments.)

I promise to get back to work and bring it up to date.  In the meantime my blog and Twitter feeds below can keep you company.  Each can be visited independently or followed here (sorry but Twitter is primarily Wordle hints as required by Elon Musk.)

My Blog (at Wordpress)

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