Walter Thinnes

Many people have told me* I should start a blog and so I did.

​*I use the phrase "many people have told me" like Donald Trump - as an excuse to say whatever I want, no matter how ridiculous or offensive and then blame it on the "many people who have told me."  Nope, not a single person told me to start a blog, I just decided to do it. Hopefully it will not contain items nearly as ridiculous or offensive as The Donald utters - but you never know.  Check back from time to time to see for yourself! (And for good measure, I have added my Twitter feed below.)

2021 has already seen streamed performances of two of my plays: 

was performed for the Old Library Theatre's 10th Annual One Act Play Festival in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. 

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Happy Birthday, Leonard was part of the Barrington Stage Company 10th Annual 10x10 New Play Festival in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.